Hello there, and welcome to The IWMLB Project!

Wait, I know what you’re thinking…..

What the bleedin’ Nora does IWMLB stand for??

Well, this beautiful collection of mostly awkward consonants is an acronym for I Want My Life Back.

You see, I’ve always been an ambitious, independent, energetic, travel-loving person. But having worked my ass off for 13 years in a retail career, I found myself becoming the exact opposite.

          Obligatory jump shot at the Lost City in Colombia

Ambitious – nil points

I didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder any further. I could see that the next rung up just meant more of my time being taken up with bureaucratic bollocks and tasteless tea bags.

Independent – pah!

Independence was not a thing in a corporate company with profit hungry owners.

Energetic – pass me the Valium

Near panic attacks, constant stress, anxiety, irritability and exhaustion did not make one feel particularly like skipping about.

Travel-Loving – commuting does not count as travel

Exploring the globe is not as fun if someone else is dictating when and for how long you can go.

So…. I woke up at 37 realising that I had turned into the exact person I wasn’t and thought…


This is what I want Mondays to look like

So I saved up a load of cash, and quit.

Now I make this sound like I made my decision and swanned in the next day with my resignation letter. Bahahahahaha!

Oh the months of procrastination, panic and ‘what ifs’.

I finally wrote the letter with a date 4 weeks in the future, put a reminder in my diary to ‘quit work’ and pretty much forced myself to do it.

And then???

Oh holy f*ck balls! What the hell do I do now????

To be honest I hadn’t really thought about what to do next. I was laser focused on getting the hell out of dodge (work) but had neglected to make a firm decision on what on earth I was going to do after.

So, after much fannying about and starting at least 3 different businesses, I decided on The IWMLB Project.

Mostly so I could figure things out as I went along and hopefully help some others while I was at it.

So, why are you here?

Because you;

A) Hate your job

B) Are totally burnt out

C) Want to do something else

D) Have no clue what to do

E) Can’t afford to just quit

F) All the above

Well, let’s see if I can help. Have a good look around this site and you will hopefully find some nuggets to help you along your way!


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