Why Managing Your Money Is a Form of Self-care

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why managing your money is a form of self-care

“Hmmmm, I’m feeling stressed and rundown, I need to look after myself better. How do I do that?” *Types furiously into Google*. “Ah, I need to buy a scented candle and some aromatherapy oils. I’m a bit overdrawn but self-care is too important, right?” STOP! Before you whip out your credit card again, let’s go through what self-care really is … Read More

Tough Life Lessons from Starting a Business (and What I Learned about Myself)

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tough life lessons I learned from starting a business

You did it. You quit your confidence-draining, soul-crushing miserable excuse for a job, and started your own business. FIST PUMP. Life is going to be so awesome from now on! You think it’s the answer to all your job despising problems. You get your time back, no more mindless meetings, and no more making voodoo dolls of your megalomaniac boss (just … Read More

31 Inspiring Quotes to Get Over Your Fear of Starting a Business

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31 inspiring quotes to get over your fear of starting a business

Procrasting, doubting, hesitating, stalling, waiting?   I could spend a little longer listing out words I found in the thesaurus, but I won’t. I know the feeling. You desperately want to start a business but just cannot seem to take any action. It’s not that you don’t have all the skills yet, you can learn those. It’s not that you … Read More